Power Tools: Unbiased Reviews for the Handyman in Need.

About this Page.

The unique feeling of seeing a project that took several days of precise planning and cutting finally come together. The gratification is intense and prolonged but unfortunately shoddy power tools can make this process more difficult than it needs to be. More than once I have been midway through a cut when the saw chips and ruins my cut. In the moment it is frustrating, however that is just the start of a long process of research, commuting, and dealing with salespeople. I started this blog to make every aspect of replacing your power tools easier by providing unbiased reviews of the various products on the market. From buzz-saw’s to drills, I review each product with an unbiased approach to provide the best possible information to my readers. I believe that projects should be fun to be worked on and completed and this page is a reflection of that.
I know my readers value their time and energy, and I know the struggle of spending hours deciding on a product just to have it break after two weeks of use.  It is my pleasure to assist you on your way to new power tool ownership. Before spending hundreds of dollars on new tools I believe it is important to have all the information in front of you. I do my best to provide high quality content to my readers on a weekly basis.

What We Do and How You Can Help.

When considering purchasing a power tool many characteristics effect the decision on which product to get. Certain tools, like dremels, can be used for a variety of small jobs but would fail to work for larger cuts. I understand that not all people prefer power tools and as a result I will also review hand tools. I want to ease the struggles of purchasing a new tool by informing my readers at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels in the hopes that everyone can get something out of this blog. With all of this having been said, this is a rather large undertaking and I would appreciate any suggestions, comments, or questions that you feel could benefit those who read this blog. One person is not nearly enough to cover all of the products out on the market. If you think you have something to contribute to this blog you can find out how to get in contact with me here.