Compressors Which Aren’t All But Hot Air

Having a well-stocked garage or shed full of good tools is important, especially if you’re the one who is constantly using them for one project or another. If you don’t already own an air compressor, let me explain why they are often underrated but are the “designated hitter” in your tool line-up.

Reasons To Own One

Besides fixing flat objects requiring air like tires, bike tubes, and air mattresses, compressors operate paint sprayers, pneumatic tools like wrenches, nails guns, and can be portable to take most anywhere. Their versatility is key, and a great many of them come in different sizes, price ranges, with added features one might overlook otherwise. Let’s take a look at several¬†air compressors for sale which make help you appreciate having one, if you don’t already, or perhaps get you to upgrade your tired unit.

  • Campbell Hausfeld 1-Gallon Portable 110-PSI Electric Pancake Air Compressor – A unit which looks part miniature flying saucer and part smashed cooking pot weighs in under 13 lbs., runs on standard 120 volt electrical current, easy at a glance value for eye-strain free monitoring of the gauge, and comes priced under $75.00.

  • California Air Tools 5.5 Gallon 1.0 HP – This model comes with an oil-free pump for ease of use and clean-up with one of the quietest motors on the market. In around $150.00 this unit is a sturdy value.
  • Rolair ( The Bull ) 2-HP 4.3-Gallon Contractor Twin Stack Air Compressor – Though a bit pricier than the last two units ($250.00 approx)¬†this has a 2-HP 3400 RPM motor, a tad noisier, but comes with manual reset to protect from overload and built in regulator with gauge.

  • Industrial Air Contractor 1.6-HP 4.5-Gallon Twin-Stack Air Compressor – A bad-boy model known for its heavy-duty use is really low maintenance with no belts or pulleys to deal with, can run two tools at once with brass connect couplers, brings a start capacitor for winter work days and quick view tank and gauge windows.
  • Puma 8-HP 8-Gallon Gas Two-Stage Wheelbarrow Air Compressor w/ Electric Start Honda Engine – The creme-de-la-creme of our list is got more power, more air capacity, and is for larger tools, bigger jobs with wheels for mobility, and longevity for longer use projects.

Get Familiar Before You Buy

It may be a bit daunting trying to select a unit which will fit your specific projects and use, but with so many choices on the market, you will be sure to find the one you need.