Phoenix is known for its beautiful desert and hot weather, and Sameeh Alsharif
has found this creates a perfect environment for outdoor projects. Most of these projects require at least one hand power tool.

 A cement worker by trade and master woodworker by craft, Alsharif has spent the last decade of his life becoming an expert in hand power tools out of necessity but also out of a want for precision in his work.

“There is nothing worse than sub par equipment,” Alsharif says, and he is quick to toss items he does not deem worthy into the trash.

“I’d post them on eBay, but I don’t want to burden someone else with equipment that does not perform like it should.”

Alsharif’s passion for detail is evident in his power tool collection, which is unabashedly displayed on the walls of his shop. It is an impressive and growing collection, which is why Smith decided to start a blog about the subject in which he has become an expert.

If you’d like to contact Sameeh, please email him here. He loves to answer questions and hear from his readers.