Looking for reliable resources to do research with can be frustrating, so I have composed a short list of my faviorite product review websites.

  1. Pro Tool Reviews – a valuable resource for people looking into heavy duty power tools.
  2. Tool Guy(d) – A simple and easy to use website covering a large variety of tools from a number of different companies.
  3. Tool Box Buzz – Website dedicated to reviewing everything from worker undershirts to left handed circle saws.
  4. Tools Of The Trade – Pretty self explanatory, it is a website covering professional grade tools.
  5. Cop Tool –  hand tools, bags, and some power tools; this site has a large variety.
  6. Tool Rank –  Reviews on tools that have recently gone on sale. Particularly good for the thrifty handyman.
  7. Popular Woodworking – Not everyone is working on large scale projects as a result some products are made for more delicate projects.
  8. Tool Craze – Don’t let the name fool you, they are actually pretty sane, covering everything from Gerber hand tools to buzz saws.
  9. Gizmodo – Gizmodo is often thought of as a place to find information about new gadgets, but they actually have several solid power tool related reviews.
  10. Tools In Action – A website review page that caters to the in home tool necessities.

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